Learning Hub

One of the long term goals for this site is to offer free learning resources on data science for the Left. The world is awash in massive amounts of introductory content on the basics of data science, data analytics, and coding. My goal is to avoid duplicating much of that content by focusing on those topics from the perspective of the socialist activist, curious about how to begin using data to boost their communications and practice. Some of the topics covered will likely include:

  • Developing plans for the strategic and secure use of data
  • How to find and prepare relevant data
  • Practical data analysis for socialists
  • Data visualization and data-driven storytelling
  • Basic aspects of coding, statistics, and data science

DS4CS Data Science Courses

Using Text as Data with R

We live in a digital capitalist world awash in unimaginable amounts of data. A considerable portion of that data takes the form of written language: websites, books, blogs, social media posts, tweets, search results, browser histories, survey data, the list goes on and on. The focus of this course will be on finding, preparing, and using text-as-data to advance the cause of socialism. The first few units will deal with scraping, cleaning, processing, and analyzing a collection of machine readable Marxist texts. As the course is updated with more units over time, it will expand into more real-word applications of text-as-data for socialists